Weekend Exercise Alone Has Surprising Health Benefits

Exercise is essential for our health and well-being, but do we all have time to do the necessary amount of exercise in today’s busy world?

Weekend Exercise Alone Has Surprising Health Benefits

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Experts advise that 150 minutes of moderate exercise is needed to keep us moderately fit and that this does not have to be over the seven days but can be crammed into the two days over the weekend. It makes very little difference when the exercise is performed as long as physical activity is part of our routine. This is good news for those people with busy working lives who stress over not having time to do daily workouts.

For those aged between 19 and 64, activities can include 150 minutes of cycling or fast walking each weekend and a few muscle-strengthening exercises, 75 minutes of rigorous activity such as aerobics or tennis or a mixture of moderate and rigorous activity such as running and fast walking.


Millions of people who enjoy sports once or twice a weekend are concerned this is not enough, but studies show that there is a 35% lower risk of death than for people who don’t exercise.

For those who resolve to get fit for New Year, it is advised to start with moderate exercise such as brisk walking, gradually increasing activity and setting realistic goals without running the risk of injury. Middle-aged and older people should do moderate exercise for 12 weeks before introducing vigorous exercise. Take some guidance from experts, as some activities such as cycling and stretching can result in back pain; a Leicester osteopath at http://www.townosteo.com/ and other practices can help with these problems.

The majority of ‘weekend warriors’ are men, and 90% of these participate in team sports like football and rugby. The downside to weekend exercise is that you lose aerobic fitness, with this declining after a few days. This could also lead to more sports-related injuries.

Research shows that exercise in any amount can substantially reduce the risk of death, including from heart attacks and cancer. Men and women who exercise are 29% less likely to die prematurely, and these advantages remain the same whether you exercise daily or only at the weekend.

So the good news is that whatever form of activity you cram into your busy life, you are going to have a longer and healthier life.

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