What a way to escape from a gold robbery.

You might think that when you have just stolen a load of gold bullion you might want to make the escape with a bit subdued and low key. This was not the position that Charlie Croker and his gang took in the classic 1960’s movie The Italian Job. They planned it so that the only safe way to exit the city of Turin was to drive out  via 3 modded Red, white and blue Mini Coopers. The Aston Martin DB5, and Jaguar E types they’d had  were earlier destroyed by the Mafia who were not too keen on them doing the job in the first place.

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The gang had already caused the biggest traffic jam in the city’s history and had a plan of the backstreets to get out. The Italian police were soon in pursuit but Charlie and his gang had a brilliant idea of jumping the cars over factory buildings and down to the city’s sewers. They would have needed the work of the factories Industrial Roofers to have been top notch. In fact if they’d had Modbay Industrial Roofers in to do the job of building it they would have been on a totally sound footing.

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The gang get out of Turin, drive the minis into the back of a Coach and then, well, you’ll have to watch the movie to find out what happens next.

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