What are the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery procedures?

From body shape to physical features, almost every aspect of our appearance can be altered by a skilled surgeon/dentist. Cosmetic procedures are carried out for a variety of reasons, whether medical reconstruction following an accident, or on a voluntary basis.

What are the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery procedures

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Each year, tens of thousands of people undergo cosmetic procedures in the UK, both men and women. Whatever the circumstances, it is important to have a clear idea of the pros and cons before having surgery.

Improving Confidence

Often people suffer for many years due to the way they perceive their body, or a particular feature of it. In such cases where a large nose, misaligned teeth, or small breasts for example has had a recognisable impact upon a person’s mental wellbeing and/or imposes on their ability to enjoy daily life, cosmetic surgery can be the answer to increasing levels of confidence and improving self-image. However, alongside cosmetic surgery it can also be beneficial for the individual to undergo some counselling sessions.

Improved Heath

Very often cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic surgery can have significant health benefits for the recipient. For example, women with unnaturally large breasts can sometimes suffer excruciating back pain. While a patient who has lost a lot of weight may benefit from abdominoplasty to remove excess skin and fat, thus encouraging them to maintain their new found healthier lifestyle.
Potential Complications

Regardless of the reasons behind it, cosmetic procedures are still surgery and a step which should never be considered without a great deal of thought, unlike cosmetic dentistry that is a lot less complex and carries minimal risk with most procedures.

Recovery time for major cosmetic surgery procedures may be several months and problems with anaesthesia can also be an issue. However, modern surgical techniques have come a long way and risks are now much lower than they were even a decade ago.

Recovery time for cosmetic dentistry can be a matter of hours or days as to put that into context, why not visit your local cosmetic dentist like Leicester based http://www.sjrdental.co.uk/ to see what you could do.


Unless it is being undertaken on the NHS, cosmetic procedures carried out by a highly qualified and respected surgeon or dentist can be expensive. In some cases, such as after an accident, certain cosmetic procedures may be covered under health insurance, but this not typically the case. However, many people consider the outcome to be well worth both the recovery time and the money they spend.

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