What Happens If You’ve Been Convicted Of A Sex Crime?

You think what you’re doing is pretty harmless. After all, you’re only wooing the woman. She may be saying “no” to you each time you ask her out or when you touch her, but you think it’s only her way of playing hard-to-get. In time, she’s going to say “yes.” You’re so sure of it that you don’t stop what it is you’re doing, so it came as a surprise to you when she charged you with a sex crime. The case pushed through, and the court found you guilty. What happens after?

Pay a Fine
If you’ve been charged with a sex crime and convicted of it, you’ll have to pay a fine. The amount of the fine depends upon your case. It can range anywhere from $200 such as in the case of indecent exposure to more if the complainant filed a rape case against you. Of note though; if you’ve been charged with a similar case before, the amount could increase.

Spend Time in Jail
If convicted of the sex crime, you’re also going to spend time in jail. Again, the duration of your jail time depends upon your case. The more severe your case is, the longer you’ll have to spend time in prison. Your jail time is also going to be tremendously affected if you’re a repeat offender.

Permanent Record
Aside from paying a stiff fine and spending time in prison, you’ll also have to register yourself as a sex offender. You will have a permanent record in your local police station, and your name will also be permanently included in the Sex Offense Registry Board. You need to update the registry as soon as you’ve been released from custody and each time you move to a new location or change employment. Failure to register yourself in the SORB can lead to more legal problems and more time in jail.

Lasting Damage to Your Reputation
If you think that they’re just records, then you need to think again. By having been convicted as a sex offender, you’re going to severely limit your chances of going back to your usual life when you get out of prison. This is because there are several restrictions that you have to comply with once you’re out of prison. You won’t be able to work in companies that deal with women and children; you won’t be allowed to live near schools; and you won’t be able to live peacefully in a neighborhood of families with women and children.

Registered sex offenders also find it hard to look for a job. After all, why would your future employer trust a convicted sex offender, right? What’s their guarantee that you won’t commit the same mistake again? You can say you’re following the right path this time, but what employer can readily trust a person like you? Don’t even think of lying about your true identity because you’re searchable. One click of the mouse and you’re identity as a registered sex offender will come out.

The same also happens if you’re going to get a loan. Your background will be checked, and any criminal charges against you will not do you any good.

So the next time you’re pursuing a woman, always keep in mind that “no” means “no.” The consequences of thinking otherwise will be very damaging to you.

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