What is an Engineered Wood Floor

With the world warming and the need to keep houses cooler the carpet is probably starting to look like a second option. We might want to think about using alternative forms of flooring to try and combat this. Sadly a thick carpet is going to retain the heat. Whilst this may have been appropriate in the days when we had frigid winters and a sharp frost, as the environment of the UK becomes focused on a more Mediterranean climate, perhaps we should look to how the people in Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco and Turkey (to name but a few) build their houses around the Inland Sea.

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A wood floor might well be the answer. An Engineered Wood Flooring might well be the best answer for the future. Visit Irwin Tiles for engineered wood flooring to get some great ideas.

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An Engineered Wood Flooring option is a combination of solid hardwood that is stuck onto plyboard for ease of installation. The plywood gives the floor its stability and flexibility. However, plywood is not a pretty thing to look at. Therefore some beautiful solid hardwood completes the look to perfection.

The plywood comes from veneers of wood. Veneers are thin layers of wood that are pressed together for strength. They are connected with a strong adhesive and, with proper care and attention, the floor will last for decades. It will not become threadbare and shrink as a carpet will.

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