What Is the Perfect Height for a Chandelier?

Whether your home is classical or contemporary in design, chandeliers can add a breathtaking focal point. They are often widely imagined to be large and opulent, but even smaller examples should be carefully hung to ensure that you are showing off the room—and the chandelier—to its best advantage.

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Many people feel overwhelmed by these considerations and miss out on a breathtaking chandelier installation as a result. But with a few of the easy tips and tricks below, you can enjoy the luxury that a chandelier adds to your home.


A chandelier can make you feel like royalty every time you bathe! If you plan to hang it over the bathtub or sink, be certain that the fixtures will not be compromised by steam and that the electrical features are regularly serviced. Also ensure that you have ample room to stand when getting in and out of the tub, or hang it in the centre of the room where there is no danger of hitting your head.

Living Rooms

With a safe height of between seven and eight feet, consider placing the chandelier in the very centre of the ceiling. This evenly distributes light, creates a great visual focus and adds a sense of balance or symmetry.

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For anyone who enjoys opulent, show-stopping designs, a hallway is a great chance to make a first impression with a breathtaking chandelier. Classic designs like antique crystal chandeliers are great for a timeless feel, as are any choices from respected designers such as http://roccoborghese.com/. Many standard hallways are eight feet high, so a well-proportioned chandelier of around 22 inches in length can be ideal.

Dining Rooms

This is a traditional setting for the chandelier, and most prefer to hang their chandeliers at least 30 inches above the table height, with closer to 40 inches for higher ceilings. Add a touch of glamour to a dinner party with a stunning chandelier, or seek extra inspiration from movements such as Modernism or Art Deco, as highlighted in interior design publications.

Other Large Spaces

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings in your home or have other large spaces such as a library or study, a chandelier can add impact. A height of approximately seven to eight feet off the ground will ensure ease of movement for anyone using the room.

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