What to do about dirty water?

Water pollution is the contamination of our water supply, whether that’s rivers, the ocean, rivers or groundwater. Such contamination can arise occasionally due to both direct or indirect commercial or industrial practices without proper removal of hazardous chemicals.

Surface water includes rivers and lakes and groundwater that has seeped into the ground and travels underground. Chemical pollution can happen where agricultural practices use chemicals to prevent things like weeds, pests, and insects, for example. This is how pesticides can be found in our supply. Factories that use solvents and metals in their production can also end up in the water.

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As you can imagine this will have harmful effects on the ecosystems that sustain life and will most likely go into the food chain and be consumed by animals and humans. For help froma  water and Soil Remediation Company, visit https://soilfix.co.uk/services/groundwater-soil-remediation-services

Natural pollution can occur too, with these also affecting our water. One of these is oxygen depletion pollution. The micro-organisms that inhabit water can be anaerobic or aerobic. When the level of biodegradable substances gets too high in the water, it encourages the growth of microorganisms that in turn use up all the oxygen from the water. The aerobic organisms are killed and anaerobic ones increase causing harmful toxins to be released, including ammonia and sulfides.

Chemicals and particles are insoluble which means they will float, suspended in the water. When these pollutants settle, they can prove to be highly dangerous and even fatal for organisms that live underneath the water.

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Our water can also be affected by air pollution that results in the production of acid rain. Pollutants in the air mixed with rainwater fall back to the ground to be absorbed by the soil. This will damage the soil from time to time and remove the essential nutrients that support and maintain the ecosystem.

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