What to Look for When Hiring a Security Company

The U.S. Security Services industry includes over 16,000 businesses nationwide. Those businesses employ approximately 778,000 workers claiming to be ready and able to fill your needs at any given moment. However, not all that glitters is gold and hiring the wrong service or security guards can be a pricey and painful mistake. Fortunately, securing the right service and attempting to improve your business doesn’t have to lead to a lesson in failure. Just ask the following questions before making any permanent decisions.

How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

When it comes to security, a company’s experience and reputation are often far more important than the promises they make. Ask how long they’ve been in business in their current location. After all, you’re looking for services in your market and area. The right security company should know the area and have roots to ensure they can handle your specific needs.

Is Security Their Primary Business?

Security is a risky business that requires specialized care and professional focus. The right security company may have connections with other business or residential contractors, but their main service should be security-related. The best security businesses hire and train specialists who know the area and are experienced in the field. A security company’s depth of experience can easily be determined by the range of services provided.

How Many Licensed Security Guards Are Currently Dispatched Throughout the Area?

Boasts are great lures, but a professional security company needs to back up their claims with actions. If they don’t have any guards working throughout the city, or only have a handful, how can you be sure the security guards or personnel you contract will do the job they’re hired to do? A competent security team won’t be created from random people off the street. Look into their backgrounds and experience levels. Ask if they hire veterans and those with criminal justice backgrounds or relevant degrees. All security staff should pass background and drug tests. They should also be state licensed or specialty trained.

What Technological Solutions Are Incorporated into the Security Package?

Security guards provide an often essential extra layer of human protection, but the most successful businesses also require technology backup in most cases. The right service should have their own proprietary mobile software, patrol notifications, tools for reporting incidents, and other means of critical tech support. Verify that all technology is seen and manned by them so you’re not dealing with a third party or stranger in the event of an incident. Also, make sure they can demonstrate how the technology they’re offering works. If they can’t, they’re just looking for a sale.

What’s the Client Base and Can They Provide Reliable References?

The best professional service should have some high profile references on hand. Never sign a contract without checking out the references. When you connect with the referred client, ask specific questions. Have they had any issues with the security company? Are the staff members as well as security guards reliable? Have the security guards missed any patrols and if so, how often? Do the guards report to work on time and how quickly does the support staff respond to incidents? The resulting answers should help knock you off the fence and cement the decision.

What Is the Final Cost and What Extras Are Provided?

Harsh economic times often lead to cutting too many corners. And let’s face it, you’re looking into security to handle potential problems, not add to them. High-quality officers in impressive uniforms add an extra layer of protection. Updated and company-manned technology creates a tight barrier against theft and crime-related danger. So consider what the extra care is worth before opting to pinch those pennies too hard. Choose a company that values the relationship with each client, that works with you to fulfill all your needs, and goes above and beyond to guarantee your business and community are secure. A call to Korner Security in Metro Detroit is the first step toward protecting your professional investment.

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