What’s it like to drive for a living?

The men and women of courier companies have a tough and underrated job to do. Driving for a living takes stamina, concentration and often unsociable hours. While some people love not being trapped behind a desk, the down sides include late nights, early starts, driving in all conditions and having to out up with other road users day in and day out.

It takes a great deal of skill and focuses on driving a goods vehicle which are often heavier than other vehicles. Having a good day at work for a driver involves trying to remain calm, having a good attitude and driving with consideration. This can be a tough challenge when you’ve been on the road all day and get stuck in yet another traffic jam!

Not only is driving a key part of the role of a courier driver but also manual handling. It’s important that they learn how to lift and carry parcels carefully and safely, as often they might contain heavy objects. To safely lift objects, it’s crucial to think if there is anything available that can help you to lift the object. Keeping your route clear is another important check to make so as not to trip whilst carrying. Bending at the knees, holding the item close to your waist and getting a solid grip on the item are also recommended.

What’s it like to drive for a living

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There are some super perks that come with driving for a living though. A courier gets to see all over the country, including sights that most of us wouldn’t get the chance to see. The truck you drive will most likely be modern, comfortable and come with climate control. A driver gets to meet many different people on their travels and so must also have excellent customer service skills as well as driving skills. For Couriers in Berkshire, visit http://www.uk-tdl.com/

Of course, a good sense of direction will also come in very handy when transporting parcels along the length and breadth of the country. Thankfully, modern technology can help with this task and most drivers will have heard of Google Maps. Other apps to help those who drive include Waze, which offers real-time traffic and road delay updates. WhatGasPetrolPrices tells you where the nearest fuel stations are located and their fuel prices and JustPark will inform you of the nearest available place to park, how much any charges are and other local information.

What’s it like to drive for a living2

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When driving for a living, it’s important to keep your energy levels up and your blood sugar steady so snacking on fruit and avoiding the sugar peaks caused by caffeine is a good idea. A bad back from poor sitting posture is another associated risk so it’s important for drivers to practice good posture to prevent this from occurring. A restful night’s sleep is always a bonus to feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead and drivers also need to keep an eye on their anxiety levels when driving, as it is a stressful activity.

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