What’s so good about a Log Cabin? Everything.

Just the thought of a log cabin sat serene and majestic in a wooded glen or near a fast-flowing clean river is just the sort of thing to get you in the mood for staying in one of these beauties. They are the go to option for any one looking to escape from the rat race of life in the city or the town and immerse yourself in that good old fashioned clean country air. One of the best places in the world to do that is Northern Ireland and there are Log Cabins for sale NI side a plenty especially if you go and look at the ones on http://logcabinsnorthernireland.com/ sell log cabins in Northern Ireland . There are lots of other reasons that you should look into getting one though and here are a few other reasons why.

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As we mentioned before the peace and quiet is definitely one of the reasons you should consider the log cabin. One of the great effects of wood is that it can naturally absorb sound. The roar of the world outside becomes a whisper when you are in a log cabin. The only sound you’ll hear is the crackle and pop of the real fire (you can get metal heaters or even have a stone fire place built into the cabin itself). Now just imagine a good book, a real one not some electronic device and your getting the idea. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?   The Danes have a name for all this cosiness. Its called Hygge or hue-guh as it should be pronounced. It’s basically a special state of contentment found in a warm situation either with friends’, family or just a special geographical place.  It’s not something that you can learn or buy it is a feeling about recognising the moment and the present as something truly unique that should be celebrated. It’s certainly something that you’ll learn to appreciate in a log cabin.

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It’s going to be the best-looking house you’ll ever live in without a shadow of a doubt. Wood’s natural appearance outscores anything that cement, and concrete can offer. In fact, it’s a proven fact that wood helps to provide a more beneficial environment for our mind and body well above simple bricks and mortar. Perhaps it is the memory of our ancestors taking the trees and preparing them for a home that makes us feel more comfortable with wood surrounding us. Either way a log cabin is a home that you’ll never forget even if its just for a little while.

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