Which flooring type is best for pets?

Choosing the best flooring type for your pets is imperative, to ensure that your new floor won’t be susceptible to damage and will be long-lasting and hardwearing. There are many different options available, and key considerations include durability, hygiene, and ease of repairing and cleaning.  When thinking of repairing your floors dog scratches can be a nuisance.  Rewarding your dogs good behaviour with Healthy Dog Treats is a great way to avoid this, treats like this are available from companies similar to https://theinnocentpet.co.uk/collections/dog-treats.

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Laminate style flooring

Laminate flooring is generally considered to be one of the best flooring solutions for pets. It is incredibly strong and durable, making it perfect for you and your pets. The durability of laminate floors means that it will be less susceptible to scratches from claws, but it is also a good choice because it offers so many different style options. Lacquered, laminate style flooring can look amazing in any room of the house, making it both stylish and inviting. It can be far more long-lasting than other floor types and is very cost effective.

Easy maintenance

Another reason why laminate style flooring is a great solution for households with pets, is because it is so easy to clean. Pet hairs can be vacuumed away in seconds, whilst a good laminate cleaner will maintain the look of the floor for years to come. Laminated floors are a very cost effective flooring solution, and many people will opt to have their floor professionally installed. If you decide to install it yourself, the BwfA (British Wood Flooring Association) offers great courses and other handy information, which you can find on their website. Laminate can easily be repaired if it does get damaged and this is usually achieved by using mastic or a special type of glue. Another benefit of laminate is that it can be incredibly resistant to odours – perfect for households with pets!

Online retailers offer some fantastic flooring options in an array of different styles and budgets to suit your home. Researching online will help to give you an idea about the styles which will match the interior of your home. From different thicknesses and shades, including grey and stunning white, the possibilities really are endless.

Having a pet doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have stylish flooring. Choosing a laminate floor means that you can create style, whilst also effectively protecting your floor against common pet issues, ensuring that you have a floor which is durable and hygienic.

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