Why coach hire could be the perfect option for your wedding guests

Wedding season is upon us! For those who are about to tie the knot, there are lots of jobs to do and things to buy.

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From the wedding breakfast menu to the invitations, the bridesmaid’s dresses and the cake, there is much to do. One often-overlooked item is guest transport.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how coach hire can solve issues for guests travelling from far and wide.

Are we there yet?

There’s nothing worse than guests arriving flustered. Modern technology defeats us all, and satnavs have a habit of taking us to the wrong St Joseph’s or the wrong venue. Hiring a coach for your guests can minimise this and ensure your audience is as cool, calm and collected as you are!

Time travel

Having a centralised pick-up point is a failsafe way of making sure that guests arrive on time. Even with the most careful of planning, family and friends may well get lost on their way to your nuptials. This can be minimised with coach travel – whether you choose coach hire in Gloucester or Glasgow – from a designated point such as a hotel.

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Park life

Parking is a notoriously difficult manoeuvre, especially when space is at a premium. Coach travel avoids both of these issues. Depending on your location, it’s worth researching hire companies; for the south west, there is Coach hire Gloucester.

Seamless travel

It’s not just about guests arriving; it’s about the whole day. That’s why coach travel is an option. Transporting guests from the ceremony to the reception ensures a smooth transition from one place to another.

Environmental impact

It goes without saying that it is far more advisable to limit car use in order to take care of our environment. Don’t make pollution worse.

Arriving in style

It’s not just the bride and groom who should arrive in style; the guests should make a grand entrance. Coach travel is both comfortable and pleasant, making any wedding journey part of the big day and one that should be celebrated in style.

With the country in the grip of Harry and Meghan wedding fever, brides and grooms are at a heightened level of organisation.

That’s why coach travel is an important element of wedding plans.

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