Why should you take care of your roof?

When thinking of giving your house a bit of tend loving care most of us are guilty of neglecting our roof. It is common for us all to spend time and money on areas like the windows, garden and interior decorating but the harder to reach areas like roofs often get left behind.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider looking for a roof cleaning services Worcestershire company like http://www.lwpressurewashing.com/ or a company where you are located to come and give your roof some added sparkle. Here are few:

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  • Algae – algae on your roof is not just unsightly it also affects the lifespan of the materials on your roof. Algae is a living entity and feeds a variety of materials such as slate tiles. The algae begins to compromise the effectiveness of your roof tiles at being able to deflect away the UV rays that cause your house to heat. You can therefore find that the attic areas of your house become hotter and this can have an impact on your energy bills. In the long term severe and persistent damage can mean you have to replace tiles on your roof or the whole roof completely. This is where a roof cleaning company can help you as regular cleaning of the area will remove the algae and prevent the damage for progressing. But don’t want until you can see large areas of algae to give them a call. Algae can not be seen during the early stages of its development and this is why professionals recommend you have a roof inspection around every 3-4 years.
  • There are two main methods for cleaning your roof. Pressure washing and chemical cleaning (or soft washing). Pressure washing is highly effective at removing mould, dirt, algae and any other grime from the roof area and doesn’t require the need for harsh chemicals that could damage your roof or run off and affect your landscape garden area. Soft washing may be appropriate depending on the make up of your roof and the amount of dirt etc that is affecting it.

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  • Solar panels – if you are utilising your roof space to harness some green energy the it is even more important that you regular check your roof and arrange for the area to be cleaned as dirt and other substances can affect the integrity of the solar UV cells and their ability to functional correctly.

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