Why Tokyo is the best city for home design

Tokyo is a city that has created its own unique style and it has a love of design, so it is no surprise that many people in the industry regard it as the best city in the world for home design.

Why Tokyo is the best city for home design

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When you think about Japanese culture, high end contemporary design might not be your first impression, and Tokyo is more likely to be associated with pre-fabricated high rise buildings that were quickly erected after the war. However, the Tokyo of today couldn’t be further from this, and Japanese design is set to be the next trend for home design in London.

The need to rebuild

One of the reasons behind Tokyo’s love of all things new is the fact that it sits in a large earthquake zone. This has resulted in buildings being rebuilt on average every 30 years, to ensure that they are able to withstand strong quakes. The requirement to keep structures safe has transformed the city into a stunning real world architectural museum, where something unique stands around every corner.

A packed city

Another factor in the city’s love of design is its large population, of 13.6 million people, which means that many properties are small, so designers have become adept at creating something different out of even the tiniest of spaces.

Why Tokyo is the best city for home design2

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One example of this is Tower House, which is a narrow concrete building that has been squeezed into a small triangular spot, with tall buildings on either side. The house sits on a tiny footprint, but internally, it is extremely innovative and the design makes it feel more spacious than it should for its dimensions.

Recreating Japanese design

There are many of these elements of design that can be used when creating properties in other high density cities across the world, including London. Architects in West London and other parts of the capital, such as https://www.rbddesign.com/, can use Japanese culture to create a piece of zen, even in a bustling and packed city.

Areas of home design that can be seen throughout Tokyo include a love of nature, and there is lots of bamboo and wood incorporated into interiors. Other features include the use of sliding doors, traditional Japanese entrance areas, low furniture, neutral colour palettes, a clean and minimalist design and natural light and open space.

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