Why we use disinfectant.

Surface’s get dirty and whilst it’s a relatively easy job to remove the rubbish that you can see on the top of a surface microorganisms can still exist on it and cause no end of issue with the human body. That said there is a lot going for hot water and soap but to be doubly sure we now use disinfectants. One company that gets through a lot of disinfectant is a Contract cleaning Cheltenham based firm who can sort out office and property space should the need arise.

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Disinfectants work by disrupting the cell walls of microbes and destroying them. In the home these generally prove to be very effective but in industry they usually employ a process of sterilisation that kills absolutely everything.

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Most disinfectants in modern terms are based on chemicals but this is not to say that there are not natural disinfectants out there. For example the Tea tree plant of Australia is extremely effective and was used by ANZAC soldiers in the world wars. Lavender and Clove oil also shows anti fungal properties as does the citric acid of lime and lemons. Standard malt vinegar does too but it is quite pungent compared to the others.

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