Why you need a home maintenance checklist

After going to the expense of buying a home, it’s advisable to keep it well maintained so that any unnecessary costs are not incurred on constant year-round repairs. A new home purchase requires ongoing tender loving care and the good news is that most DIY or simple tasks and repairs can be carried out by the homeowner.

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A calendar will help householders stay on top of work

A calendar can be created to keep abreast of all routine home maintenance tasks. Essential fittings like smoke alarms, intruder alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be checked weekly for health and safety purposes. Water flow should also be checked in guest bedroom ensuites that are not used often, and testing water softness should also be noted on the calendar. Checks on the water heater pressure relief valve should also be carried out.

Before winter sweeps in, it’s a good idea to clear gutters of accumulated leaves, dirt and grime, and repair any external features, such as cracks in doors and windows, or chipped bricks. Dead plants and shrubs should also be dealt with before the frosty days arrive, and overhanging or loose branches should be removed before autumnal winds pick up.

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There are home maintenance tasks that can be carried out during winter

Checking the external drainage is essential to ensure everything is in working order. If you live in London blocked drains can be dealt with by a range of professionals who will use their expertise including https://www.3flowdrainage.co.uk/.

This article gives you the low down on some home maintenance fixes that can be carried out during the winter months such as cleaning out the dryer vent, replacing the attic and pipe insulation and fixing leaking taps.

Summer tasks can involve cleaning the patio, maintaining the lawns front and back, and checking the driveway for any maintenance jobs that need completing. Summer and autumn is also a good time to stock up on winter essentials before they are sold out. Salt, snow shovels, brushes and gloves should all be purchased beforehand.

Cleaning the home from top to bottom is an unenviable task but once every six months, the house should be gutted and deep cleaned to remove dust and grime from unreachable places. The garage deep-clean can be carried out during the summer months, and any unused items can be recycled.


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