Why Your Child’s Learning Actually Begins at Home

Most parents labor under the misconception that their kiddos have to be in a public, professional school environment to learn. However, it’s a misconception because it’s 100-percent untrue. Learning begins at home, long before your kiddo ever steps foot into a public school. Want to know why? Keep reading.

Parent = Teacher

Parents are natural-born teachers to their kids. At first, when children are infants and toddlers, it becomes a game of mimicry, as kids want to do everything their parents do. This is teaching the way nature intended. Math and English and all of those school subjects come much later. But you can get your kiddo started on the right track by embracing your role of teacher and parent. Read to your child, interact and play, help them engage and learn–it not only builds their intelligence but builds a bond as well.

Your Kids Pick Up What They See and Learn from Home First

Mimicry is a natural part of growing up. When your kids are super-little, they laugh, smile, and learn emotions because you teach them. They sleep, eat, and play on a routine that you set, because you are their leader in the beginning of their life. You lead through example…literally. Learning begins at home because that’s where your kids will interact and engage first.

Kids Teach Kids

If you have multiple children, or if your kid is around cousins, friends’ children, or other kids in general, they will learn from those youngsters. Kids want to do what they see others doing. Sit two toddlers in a room together and before long, the walker will have taught the crawler to stand. It’s a natural, wonderful learning process that has zero to do with public education.

Your Kiddo is Always, Constantly Learning and Growing

Kids are sponges, as you have probably heard before. They pick up everything from others before they begin making their decisions based on their own cognitive reasonings. Even as pre-teens and teenagers, kiddos are constantly, always learning and growing. Their intelligence expands, their minds soak up more, and their compassion for others become more prevalent.

When you decide to actively participate in your child’s growth and education, you are deciding to better your child’s life and strengthen your family bond. Take every opportunity to teach your kiddo, whether it be from a classic subject, like reading and writing, to the betterment of cognitive, language, and motor skills. Not saying you should enroll them in clinical pharmacology programs, but a few toddler-friendly puzzles can’t hurt.

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