Moving megaliths in the past

Thank goodness we live in the modern world. Let’s be realistic if we had to move half the stuff we do today or rely on getting something to A to B we’d be pretty stuck. It is a lot easier to move items and build them from scratch nowadays. If you are looking to extend your house for example you might simply contact a House Extensions Birmingham company and select the one you like and wait for the professionals to turn up and do all the hard work for you. Unfortunately, of course our ancient ancestors did not have phones and the internet. They had to use other methods at their disposal namely themselves and their brute strength. So, there they all are stood on Salisbury plain when one Druid or whatever they called themselves got thinking and grunted

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“Ooo, this is a nice spot. Look at the at the way the big bright thing that makes the dark go away comes over the way there. You get a lovely view”.

“Yes”, replied, grunted a second one, “I bet if we stay here until the night time the other bright thing that keeps getting eaten by the great sky God will come out and we’ll see that to”.

“Hang on chaps and chapesses. I bet that the Sky God will be really pleased if we build a huge big kind of time keeping thingy so we can track the movements of them” replied a third.

“Cool idea! What shall we make it out off” snarled a fourth.

“Um. Well we’ll need something that lasts you know. I mean, we’re going to be around for a long time in our tribe. People will see them and think ‘that’s the Ugflurgh tribe that did that’. So how about these enormous stone rocks I’ve heard about over that way (points vaguely at South Wales). I’ve heard they’ve got some nice stone that we can carve into big blocks that I would imagine would be called megaliths one day. We can go trade some of the fluffy animals we have for some and then bring them back using trees along the way. A load of us will pull it along and the others will put big trunks underneath it so we can roll it”, gesticulated the third one again.

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“Isn’t there a load of that water stuff and geography in the way?”

Yes. Yes there is but we’ll build rafts to get them across and it is a bit uphill in places but the other tribes along the way will help us out”.

“Well alright but let’s build a Woodhenge model up there first to see if it works. I don’t fancy wasting my time with this you know”. And at the back one of them is thinking I reckon a professional building service might just catch on here…

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