Top reasons to visit Devon

When you think of Devon, images of stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, rugged moorland and quaint villages come to mind.

Beautiful landscape

Dartmoor is the epitome if rugged beauty and this ancient landscape is full of rich heritage. Its ancient settlements have inspired many history lovers, as well as many people from literature greats like Arthur Conan Doyle with the Hound of the Baskervilles to local farmers who spend their lives working the hills.

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A major feature of Devon is the stunning coastline. Devon boasts a host of beaches that tourists love to flock to in the summer and they become hubs of vibrant life. Excellent seafood and water sports are just two advantages that come from being near the Devon coastline. Towns like Honiton also boast a bustling retail experience. For more information on Shops in Honiton High Street, visit a site like

Food and Drink

Devon is famous for food and drink. It is the case that many Michelin star chefs source their ingredients from the county, claiming the produce is of the highest quality. Many of the high-end restaurants of London collecting supplies from both the Devon countryside and coast.

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Walking and Hiking

The Devon countryside seems endless, making it perfect for the adventurous who are looking for a long hike or even short walks. Whatever type of terrain you are willing to adventure in, Devon will be able to accommodate. You’ll discover moorland, ancient forests, epic coast roads and many historic homes where you can explore the grounds.

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