Make your Wedding the One to Remember

Our own wedding is the culmination of all our fantasies about what a big day should be. We want the perfect dress, a fantastic cake and vows that bring tears to the eyes. But after all is said and done what we really want is a day that is memorable, not just for us, but for our wedding guests too. Booking a great Dorset wedding band, can be the component which makes this happen.

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There’s a whole industry around making memorable weddings. You could try hiring a PR person to set up webpages, hashtags and social media campaigns. These same people will send out yearly anniversary reminders to your guests, in case they forget how much fun they had.

Similarly, you could aim for the most original wedding of the season, with a helicopter fly-by and TV style game show with prizes. But remember, after a while, even originality becomes blasé.

Create a Great Atmosphere

Atmosphere is the magic something that makes a wedding memorable. And if there were an equation for creating a great wedding atmosphere it would consist of the location, the catering and the music. Get these three factors right and the wedding will be a success.

Ensuring you secure your preferred reception venue is probably the second phone call you will make after finding where you want to be married. Your catering arrangements will depend on your location, their possible in-house or preferred supplier and your own menu preferences.

Book a Great Dorset Wedding Band

The third element, booking the band, needs careful consideration. The band must do so much more than just play music. They must create a show, give off a positive party vibe, and deliver a set that accommodates a wide range of tastes. Avoid going with the band of a friend of a friend and book a specialised wedding band like Fat Cat soul party band. A friend’s band might be eager to impress but a good wedding band comes to the reception party with just one intention, to make sure you and your guests have a great evening.

Remember, just like your wedding and reception venue, the best wedding bands book up fast. But if you don’t get the band you want, don’t worry, there’s always the helicopter fly-by.

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