How to find the dream venue for your wedding

Planning for a wedding is a huge task and many people like to plan around two years in advance. This way, it gives you plenty of time to make sure that you have covered everything as well as saved up the money to spend on the big day.


One of the biggest things when planning your wedding is choosing the right venue. Some people have an idea in their mind right from the start, whereas others can often struggle to decide on their perfect venue. If you are going to start a hunt for the right venue for your wedding, here are some ideas to help you along the way…

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One of the key things to consider is the number of people who will be going to your wedding. You won’t want to book a huge venue if you are having an intimate day, but you also won’t want to cut people off the guestlist because your venue isn’t big enough, so this is the first thing to consider.


The location of the venue is also something that you want to bear in mind – whether you want to marry in a grand castle or somewhere rural like this barn wedding venue Kent you need to think about guests travelling to and from there on the day.

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If you have a particular theme for your wedding, make sure that your venue matches with that. It can have a bearing on everything from the evening entertainment, the food and even your dress so do bear this in mind when you are looking.

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