So you want to be a DIY bride?

You may have pledged to have a do-it-yourself wedding; however, costs can still spiral unless you plan ahead. To help prevent too much of an overspend – if any at all – here are a few tools and tricks that can pave the way to not only an affordable wedding but also one that is totally unique to you and your groom-to-be.

So you want to be a DIY bride

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Washi tape

Washi tape feels a bit like masking tape but has a bucketful of prettiness thrown in. It is great for making a huge variety of wedding decorations, from cake flags to tea light embellishments. You could even try making mini bunting to use around your wedding cake.

Hole punches

You probably don’t want many punches at your actually wedding like the horrifyingly violent story reported by the BBC; however, beforehand anything goes. Invest in a few great hole punches and you can make anything from gift tags to order of ceremonies, or how about creating your own confetti?

Alphabet stamps

Whether you want to create personalised favours or unique place name cards, alphabet stamps can really come into their own during DIY wedding preparations. They can be time consuming to use, however, so make sure your bridesmaids are on hand! You can reward them with some pre-wedding beauty buys from their favourite store or a studio such as

A printer

Get to know how your printer works properly and a whole world of DIY invites and name cards can be at your fingertips. Just make sure that you are proficient or your wedding makeup in Belfast or elsewhere will have to be focussed on covering up your blushes.

Blackboard paint

Forget stuffy schools – blackboards are cool. Grab some MDF and blackboard paint and get to work creating those bespoke signs or table decorations.

Mini pegs

These cost very little and can be used for anything from hanging up pictures from a photo booth to holding down table plans or wedding favours.

Sharpie pens

Every DIY bride needs Sharpie pens, especially the metallic ones. They will write on virtually anything, whether you want personalised plates or customised tea light holders.

Spray paint

Spray paint allows you to transform virtually anything into a work of art, although it is probably not a good replacement for professional wedding makeup when it comes to your face!

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