Wedding photos you must have in your collection

When you are planning your wedding you will be searching for photographers in your area. It’s a good idea to make a list before you meet the photographers you have selected. This will help you decide which wedding photos you want to be included in your special day. For an Indian Wedding Photographer Surrey, go to Here are some wedding shots that you don’t want miss:

Get Ready

You can cover both sides of the “getting ready” phase if you have two photographers. If you’re like most people and your budget is only enough for one photographer, they will either travel to two different locations to photograph the bride, then the groom or select the bride.

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You could take photos of hair and makeup being done, bouquets, the bride receiving help with her veil, details of her dress, Mother and Bride or Father and Bride leaving the home, and the bridal party. The bride and groom should also be photographed arriving at the wedding venue in separate cars.

After the Ceremony

This is when most of the photos are taken, because everyone is happy, relaxed and celebrating. You should set aside an hour or more for the photoshoot, depending on what you need. It’s helpful to give the photographer a list of the shots you need before the shoot, as you will be distracted. You may want to have specific combinations, such as you and friends, or you and siblings, or you and cousins.

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You’ll need to take some reception photos if your photographer will be staying the whole day. Food and table decorations. Close-ups on the details of the wedding cake. Cutting the cake. The first dance. And the guests dancing. Will the bride throw her bouquet? You might also want some spontaneous, informal shots of your family and friends enjoying themselves.

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