Types of walking mobility aids for the elderly

Mobility aids are used in a number of different ways. This includes those devices that are designed to help you with everyday tasks such as picking items up, those that help with your safety such as gripper rails and bath seats and those that help you to remain mobile for as long as possible. 

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There are a number of different Mobility Aids that can help with walking. To see a comprehensive list of these take a look at https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/


  • Walking canes – these are probably the oldest type of walking aid that is around. They can be found as single canes like the ones that people typically think of when they think of walking support for the elderly. You can also find canes that have tripod feet and some that can be used by resting your forearm on the arm rest rather than holding the cane in your hand. 

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  • Walkers – these are also known as zimmer frames and they are often one of the first pieces of mobility equipment that is given to someone who needs support with walking around. They are designed to  be used over short distances and they can be difficult to move around.


  • Rollators – these are like walkers but with wheels which makes them easier to move and they tend to be used for outdoor activities. They allow the individual to stay independent and perhaps enjoy some shopping for themselves. 

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