Why Passover is important to the Jewish religion

The Passover is one of the most important religious observances of the Jewish faith. Of all the rituals and commemorations it represents how the Jewish faith has had to struggle to survive and to remind its people of the many trials and tribulations it has faced since ancient times. The passover itself celebrates and commemorates the release of the Hebrew slaves for Egypt. However, it has also featured memories of modern examples of antisemitism such as the shoah.

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The passover meal is the coming together of the Jewish family and friends to eat a meal of remembrance. This is placed in symbolic courses on ornate Seder Plates. These are only used for the Passover. Seder plates from Cazenove Judaica are just one of the many ways that you can obtain one for your Passover in the Spring.

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Each course on the plate signifies a reminder to the people attending the harshness and bitterness of the times and what those ancient Jews, and modern ones have suffered. One the Seder plate is six foods each one has a bitter taste to it. Horseradish is the first taste as this is the strongest flavour. Other foods such as endive and Romaine lettuce are used. Potatoes and parsley are also there. These are to be dipped into salt water and eaten. This symbolises the tears that Jews have shed through the centuries. The exception is the Charoset. This is a sweet paste of nuts and fruit that represents the cement the Jewish used to create the buildings of ancient Egypt. Finally, a small amount of Lamb is eaten in memory of the protection from the final plague.

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