How to choose the right heat output for your boiler

When you’re choosing a new boiler, it’s vital that you have one installed that is the right size for your property and needs. This will ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible and provides adequate heat to your home.

How to choose the right heat output for your boiler

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The size of a boiler

When looking at boilers, you need to consider the size in relation to its output, which is measured in kilowatts, as opposed to the physical size of the unit. This should be the required output that is needed to heat your size of property, taking into account the approximate square footage, as well as heat loss from exterior walls, windows and doors.

Your heating engineer will be able to help you choose the right boiler to provide enough heat for your home. Having the correct heat output will enable your heating system to run more effectively, as if it’s set too high it will end up costing you more and not work as efficiently. Replacing old radiators with stylish aluminium radiators at the same time could also be a good idea.

Calculating the correct size

Are you wondering who sells aluminium radiators online? Before you research suppliers, you first need to calculate the heat output that you require. There are online calculators that can help you do this, but you can also follow the manual calculations below.

First you need to know the volume of each room in cubic metres. This is gained by working out length x width x height.

For each different type of room you should multiply the volume by the figures below:
Bedroom x 40
Dining room and lounge x 50
Bathroom x 90
Kitchen, landing and hallway x 30

Then you’ll need to add in adjustments for any other factors in the room that could impact on the heat requirements.
French windows +20%
Rooms that face north +15%
Double glazed rooms +10%
Exposed areas or for extremely cold weather +10%
New builds (better insulated) -20%

The total figure you arrive at is the required heat output from the radiators in watts to heat each room. Adding these together will then give you the necessary power output for your boiler.

Taking the time to choose a boiler based on your individual needs will save you money in the long term and provide you with a warmer home.

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