Benefits of building a granny annexe

Granny annexes – a term used to define a separate dwelling from the main home, which houses an elderly or vulnerable adult – are on the rise. With care costs and the cost of living rising, many families find that it is a cheaper and more fulfilling way to care for relatives.

Benefits of building a granny annexe

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A report in The Telegraph details how the proposed tax increase for those who have self contained granny annexes has thankfully been repealed, meaning that there are no longer financial concerns for those who are considering the idea. Here are some other benefits of building a granny annex at your home.

Family ties

Building an annex effectively means that your relative will live close by. This means that you’ll get to see more of them and that they’ll be able to help out with issues such as childcare, if needed. If they have pets, it also means they’ll be able to keep them, whilst many residential care homes won’t permit animals. Providing care and support for their beloved family members is a key reason why people build annexes.


With studies indicating that just one place in a residential care home can cost in excess of £29,000 per year, building an annex could be a financially savvy decision that pays for itself over time. Of course, your relative may require additional care, but this will cost far less than 24/7 residential care, particularly if they are eligible for funding. Not only this, but the annexe itself will add value to your property, and is exempt from certain bills such as council tax.

Build to your needs

Annex companies, such as, can design and furnish your dwelling to your specifications. That usually includes dealing with planning applications and figuring out how the annex will connect to utilities and drainage. Individual living aids can also be added if needed, so that your relative can live independently and safely. Just outline your requirements to the company and they will project manage the whole thing from start to finish.


You can’t put a price on the feeling of safety and security your relative will feel by being close to you. The peace of mind that comes with this, for both parties, is one of the main reasons people invest in these projects.

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